Frequently Asked Questions

Look through the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

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Do you only email your tips?

Yes, we send our tips to you via email and don’t use other methods.

When will you send me football tips?

We know that bettors need time to check their email and analyze tips they receive. That’s why we email them long before the start of the match. In average, you will receive tips at least 12 hours before the game.

How can you give proofs of the tips history you display on the site?

We hold to a strict code of ethics, so we never cosmetize our records. Be sure that the results displayed are 100% ours.

Can I use your tips if I am not football expert?

Yes, our tips can use every person no matter he likes football or not. Just follow our tips, place bets and count your winnings.

Is bankroll management important to my betting success?

Yes, it is of utmost importance. Bankroll management is a game changer for your betting profit. It won’t allow you breaking your bankroll and will increase your gains.

Can I pay via PayPal?

Yes, you can pay via Credit/Debit Card too.

Do you provide free replacement tips or money-back guarantee?

No, we do not suggest free replacement tips or money-back guarantee.

Can you help me choose a bookie?

Yes, we have developed a list of reputable bookmakers with high odds, so we can share it with our members.